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COVID-19 Response: We would like to inform our customers and partners that we are making every effort to ensure the continuity of our services during this time. We have applied contingency plans in our facilities, and our production is running under strict measures to protect the health of our staff. Check back here, or call your technical specialist for more information as the situation evolves.
Forest Surveys
Aerial Survey Cessna

BioForest staff have considerable knowledge and experience in designing and conducting aerial and ground surveys to detect, assess and monitor forest disturbances caused by insects, disease and abiotic factors. Each year BioForest conducts aerial surveys over some 20 million hectares of forest to detect and map forest damage. As well, our staff conducts Dutch Elm Disease surveys in many communities annually and surveys hundreds of forest impact plots to assess stand condition. BioForest has conducted province-wide surveys in Ontario and Saskatchewan to forecast pest populations and has conducted surveys across southern Ontario to evaluate the incidence and impacts of Fomes root rot, a disease of mainly pines. BioForest services are available to a full range of clients including provincial and federal governments, forest industry, municipalities, cottage associations and private landowners.

BioForest has expertise in conducting a wide range of field surveys to assess and predict populations for pests such as spruce budworm, jack pine budworm, gypsy moth, forest tent caterpillar, and hemlock looper, to name a few. These surveys include:

  • Aerial sketch mapping of forest disturbances
  • Pest population assessments
  • Pest damage/impact assessments
  • General forest health surveys in plantations and other high value forests
  • Pest population and damage forecasts
  • Timing and assessment surveys for evaluation of control program efficacy
  • Forest/stand condition surveys
  • Growth and yield surveys
Jack Pine Budworm impact survey
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