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aPhinityEAB Trapping System

Early Detection and Rapid Response is Vital for Sustaining Your Urban Canopy

A common challenge with managing emerald ash borer (EAB) is the uncertainty of when and where to target treatments, removals, and replacements.  Another challenge is detecting EAB early before signs and symptoms are visible and too much damage has been done to the tree. To help alleviate these challenges, BioForest has partnered with Sylvar Technologies Inc. to distribute their aPhinityEAB trapping system in Canada and the United States.

The trapping system consists of a green prism trap baited with a (3Z)-lactone lure and/or (3Z)-hexenol lure. Peer-reviewed research confirms that green prism traps baited with lures are highly attractive to EAB, therefore increasing the chances of early detection. Over time, prism traps help monitor population trends, identifying low, moderate and high population areas throughout a municipality. This data helps target tree treatments, removals and replacements resulting in a more efficient use of EAB management funds.

The team at BioForest is experienced in implementing EAB detection and monitoring programs to help municipalities better manage EAB. Using a science-backed approach, BioForest works with municipalities to assess and monitor outbreaks and establish treatment plans to protect urban canopy.

Source: Invasive Species Centre 


To learn more about the aPhinityEAB trapping system, please review:

Frequently Asked Questions on the use of green prism traps and why they are beneficial for managing EAB Peer-reviewed research confirming the effectiveness of green coloured prism traps and lures

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